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What is the best way to clean solar panels

solar panel

Ensure proper solar panels cleaning in Adelaide to ensure better performance!

Solar panels are undoubtedly one of the best investments for anyone looking to make an amazing economical and financial decision for themselves. These are able to help you meet the power needs of your residential or commercial establishment, save massively on your electricity bills and even safeguard the environment through the use of this clean, green and sustainable form of renewable energy. 

But in order to get your solar panels cleaning Adelaide done, it goes without saying that your panels should be in supreme working condition. Only then can you truly experience all the remarkable benefits of deriving energy from the sun, which include:

  • Reduces your carbon footprint on the environment
  • Helps you make massive annual savings of up to tens and thousands of dollars
  • You can reduce or eliminate your dependence on the electrical grid
  • Sustainable form of energy convenient for the future generations
  • Little to no wastage of water
  • Arguably the cleanest form of energy

The problem with unclean and unattended solar systems

The surface of a panel is crucial for optimal performance. With dirt, dust, and grime deposited on these surfaces, the system fails to obtain sufficient energy from the sun to generate electricity via the photovoltaic (PV) effect. 

In addition, the collection of debris like twigs, dry leaves, branches, moss and lichen, and nesting birds or animals can lead to issues in the various attachments. This, again, lowers the performance and in worse cases, can even damage the system as a whole. 

As a result of all this, the efficiency and overall performance are severely affected. 

The challenge of panel care and maintenance

We all lead busy lives and more often than not, do not get enough time to devote to our solar systems. 

More importantly, even if we have all the time in the world, the most viable option typically seems to be DIY methods using soap and water. 

At this juncture, it should be clearly understood that these devices are delicate and any form of rigorous or careless washing may lead to something as simple as scratches, leading to reduced performance parameters and loss of money for repairs. 

On that note, it should be noted that these repairs can be really expensive. As such, you would be unnecessarily spending a lot of money to get such repairs done… something that can be easily avoided by taking good care of them in the first place. 

Say NO to DIY

DIY sounds appealing and inexpensive, but inadequate cleaning can do more harm than good. Moreover, using your ladder to go atop the roof can be incredibly risky. Why waste money on broken bones when you can go for professional services?  

DIY methods just don’t do it. Let the pros deal with the handiwork! 

Top Roof Restoration Adelaide: Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Experts

At Top Roof Restoration Adelaide, we come with years of unmatched hands-on expertise and an aptitude for providing the best services that Adelaide can ask for!

Our rich experience in panel cleaning is well-established all across the city and beyond! Using professional tools and safe, non-toxic chemicals to get the job done, you can rest assured that your solar power systems are taken care of and last for many years! 

Reach out to us for the best services and customer experience!

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