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Roof Assessment

It is crucial to ascertain all the potential points of damage in a roof. Naturally, this calls for thorough procedures such as end to end walk through of the roofs and covering every possible damages. These damages commonly tend to manifest as cracks or in the form of broken tiles, and worn down metal sheets. Furthermore, it is of paramount importance to figure out if leakage is an issue.

Any roofing procedure is incomplete without exercising safety. As such, it should be mandatory that you use necessary safety gear.

Being one of the most important parts of roof restoration, the process in itself may take about an hour or so (depending upon the roof size). The good news is that roof restoration needs to be done only once in 5-10 years. 


Roof Cleaning

High pressure roof cleaning is a crucial part of roof restoration as it helps in removing dirt, dust, deposition and debris collected over years. A major advantage of roof cleaning is the fact that it becomes easy to deduce the points of damage and leakage points. 

The process of roof cleaning is a necessary prerequisite for the application of paint or protective coating.


Roof Repairs

After the identification of the various points of damage, roof repairs involve the repairing of these points in question. An important aspect of roof repairs is replacement of damaged parts of the roof with matching tiles and sheets. 

Needless to say, there should be absolutely no room for error in terms of roof repairs as low quality would invite future repairs, leaks and expenses.


Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatment refers to the application of protective coating on the roof. Accordingly, the coating helps in improving various Important parameters such as durability, protection against corrosion, heat, water and environmental factors. 


Final Assessment

On the completion of all the steps stated above, it is important to reassess and identify potential points of damage that might have been missed. The entire roof restoration is deemed complete only when it is 100% assured that every aspect of the roof has been efficiently attended to.

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