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Has your roof sustained damage? Are you thinking of replacing it? Hold your thoughts. Top Roof Restoration brings you high-quality and affordable roof restoration services. No need for costly replacements. Perform a quick roof restoration and your roof is as good as new.

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Top Roof Restoration Adelaide Offers The Following Roofing Services:

Roof Repair

Roof Re-bedding & Repointing

Roof High Pressure Cleaning

Tile Roof Restoration

Terracotta Roof Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration

We ensure your roof restoration is done by expert hands for long lasting results.

Special Offer – 30% off on all Roof Restorations Jobs till 31s of May 2024 *

Driveway Restoration

Are you tired of cleaning up oil stains that won’t disappear from your cracked, aged, and deteriorating driveway? Top Roof Restoration is a professional driveway restoration service provider that ensures high-quality work at an affordable price!

Fascia Board Repair

Call the staff at Top Roof Restoration for fascia board repair services if you’ve seen any symptoms of damage. Our specialists can evaluate the condition of your fascia and provide the best service for you based on years of industry knowledge.

Graffiti Removal

Leading graffiti removal specialist in Australia, Top Roof Restoration. With the use of cutting-edge technology, high-quality supplies, and skilled graffiti removal services, we offer services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients.

Gutter Guard Installation

We at Top Roof Restoration are experts in installation methods for even the most challenging contemporary architectural and commercial buildings. We have developed novel bracing systems to install gutter guards to bridge large gaps, like parapets and box gutters.

Gutter Repair

Top Roof Restoration has an experienced and skilled team of qualified roofing experts who can offer the best gutter repair service. Avoid costly and unnecessary gutter replacements with a simple and affordable gutter repair.

Gutter Cleaning Adelaide

Adelaide’s best gutter cleaners. Using the latest technology and the right skills we deliver the best, safest and cleanest solutions. We ensure there is no mess left behind.

Terracotta roof restoration

Cracks and leaks in your terracotta tiles can prove to be detrimental to the overall integrity of your roof. At Top Roof Restoration, we are passionate about offering the best terracotta roof restoration services. Our goal is to maintain your roof and keep it at its prime at all times.

Roof Repair

Top Roof Restoration is the company you can rely on for the greatest quality and affordability in roof repair. If you have a broken roof or have cracks on your tiles call us. A high-quality roof repair is more efficient and affordable than a complete roof replacement.

Roof painting

With time the colour and texture of your roof might fade. A simple roof painting can bring your roof back to its prime. Our expert roof restoration service in Adelaide is well known but we are also the most trusted roof repair and painting service provider.

Tile Roof Restoration

A tile roof restoration is done to renovate and repair your tile roof. Make a good first impression with a tile roof that Top Roof Restoration has restored. It’s frequently said that you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Roof Cleaning

Top Roof Restoration is the company you can rely on for the greatest quality and affordability in roof cleaning. Any roof cleaning task is one we can handle.

Metal roof restoration

Looking for a stylish, durable and cost-effective metal roof restoration service near you? Top Roof Restoration is what you need. We provide complete coverage for commercial and residential metal roof restoration in Adelaide.

Roof high-pressure cleaning

Do you have dirt building up on your roof or is moss masking the beauty of your roof? Don’t worry. Top Roof Restoration offers the best-in-class high-pressure roof cleaning solution aided by the latest technology. We can clean all types of roofs.

Roof Re-bedding and repointing

Does your roof have broken tiles or cracked mortars? No worries. Let us restore the integrity and beauty of your roof with our professional roof repointing and re-bedding service for Adelaide’s homes and businesses.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Our expert solar panel cleaning service is aimed to help you enjoy the maximum benefits from your solar system. With our specialised team of professionals, we ensure your solar panels work at their optimum.

Solar Panel Guard

Top Roof Restoration brings you, high-quality solar panel guards. Reduce your solar panel maintenance and upkeep costs and keep incoming dirt and debris away. Protect your solar panels with our long-lasting and sturdy guards.

Top Roof Restoration - Leaders in Roof Restoration Offer Expert and Professional Metal Roof Restoration Repair Services Adelaide

Frequently Asked Roof Restoration Questions

Check out the answers to our most common questions below!

Roof restoration is the process of repairing, cleaning, and refurbishing a roof to extend its lifespan and improve its appearance. It typically involves cleaning, repairing or replacing damaged materials, and applying protective coatings.
You should consider roof restoration when your roof shows signs of aging, such as cracked or missing shingles, leaks, or significant moss or algae growth. It’s also a good idea to consider restoration as part of regular maintenance to prevent more costly repairs down the line.
Roof restoration can improve the longevity of your roof, enhance its energy efficiency, and increase your property’s curb appeal. It can also help prevent leaks and water damage.
The time it takes to complete roof restoration can vary depending on the size of your roof, the extent of the damage, and the weather conditions. Typically, it can take several days to a week or more.
The cost of roof restoration depends on factors such as the type of roofing materials, the extent of damage, and the location of your property. It’s best to get multiple quotes from reputable roofing contractors to get an accurate estimate.
Roof restoration is a cost-effective alternative to roof replacement when the underlying structure is still in good condition. If your roof is severely damaged or structurally compromised, a full replacement may be necessary.
Roof repair typically involves fixing specific issues or damage on your roof, such as fixing a leak or replacing a few damaged shingles. Roof restoration is a more comprehensive process that includes cleaning, repairing, and refurbishing the entire roof.
While some minor roof maintenance tasks can be done by homeowners, roof restoration is best left to professionals. It requires expertise, specialized equipment, and safety precautions. Attempting it without proper knowledge can lead to further damage and safety risks.
The frequency of roof restoration depends on factors such as the type of roofing material and environmental conditions. In general, it’s recommended every 10 to 15 years, but regular inspections can help you determine the appropriate timing.
Generally, a roof repair runs around $150 to $1,500 for a minor repair and between $1,500 and $7,000 for a major repairs.
The lifespan of a roof can range anywhere from 15 to 75 years depending largely on the material it is made out of.
We recommend replacing your roof when it’s at or close to its maximum lifespan, whether it’s leaking or not.

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