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What is the average cost of gutter cleaning in Adelaide

gutter cleaning Adelaide

This write-up will serve as a definitive guide to understanding the gutter repairs and gutter cleaning Adelaide costs that you would experience on a typical basis. 

So the next time you call this service, you will know exactly what to expect! 

The 7 aspects that contribute to the gutter cleaning Adelaide cost

It is worth noting that the prices are usually determined by the consideration of 7 different factors associated with your home. These include:

  1. Single storey/ Double storey home
  2. Whether you have had a previous gutter guard installation
  3. Size of your property
  4. Amount of debris present
  5. Ease of accessibility to your gutters
  6. Ease of accessibility around your home
  7. Whether the previous cleaning has been done

Usual costs for gutter repairs in Adelaide

The following highlights the charges that you can expect from a professional company:

Parameters involvedRange of Costs
Single storey: 2-3 bedrooms$180 – $230
Single storey: 4+ bedrooms$200 – $350
Double storey: 2-3 bedrooms$210 – $310
Double storey: 4+ bedrooms$230 – $400
Gutter guardsAdditional $75 – $150
If past cleaning was done >2 yearsAdditional $75 – $150

Following this methodology, the average price comes down to around $250

Gutter repairs Adelaide costs if charged per hour

This is additional information as most professional services don’t charge you on an hourly basis. However, if you do come across one, then these are the figures you should expect:

It should be understood that there is always a minimum fee for the services. Even if the work lasts for only half an hour, the minimum rate will apply. 

How much is this? It rounds up to around to between $130 to $170, and it’s usually $150

For each hour, it would add $75. 

It should be clearly noted that the charges quoted by different companies will vary. 

Costs according to the last time cleaning was done

When your gutters haven’t been attended to for some years, there would be the growth of moss, lichen or some vegetation there. That would add an extra $75 to $150 to your base charges. 

Also, the time of the year doesn’t matter. You will be quoted the same charges irrespective of when you get the service done. 

What about gutter replacement in Adelaide?

Gutter replacement Adelaide is usually done per lineal metre and varies as per the material.

Copper costs the most and can range anywhere between $25 to $50. 

Vinyl is the cheapest at just $3 to $5.

What does the gutter guard installation cost?

Typical charges are between $35 to $50 per metre. 

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