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Tile Roof Restoration Adelaide is the hype in 2021! Find out why

roof restoration Adelaide

Upgrade your home with the best tile roof restoration services Adelaide has to offer!

Tile roofs are undoubtedly one of the most popular roofing options available. Tiled roofs are widely considered as one the most sustainable roofing solutions.

Apart from looking absolutely beautiful, they create an induced passive cooling courtesy of which the tiles and the air underneath get heated up and the hot air escapes outside through the gaps of the tiled roofs, making your home cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. In short, a tiled roof is all about mixing style with substance!

Tiled roofs are renowned for their beauty and durability. Yes, they can be a bit expensive and heavy, but that is expected from a roofing solution that is expected to last up to 100 years. Though most tile roofs were traditionally made from slate or fired clay, roofing tiles today are mostly made up of moulded and tinted concrete. It is worth noting that terracotta is also a popular choice for tiled roofs. Particularly, it’s very much in demand when it comes to roof restoration Morphett Vale

This raises the debate: terracotta roof tiles or concrete roof tiles? 

Let’s find out!

Terracotta tile roof restoration vs. Concrete tile roof restoration Adelaide

  1. Terracotta is lighter

Terracotta tiles are not only gorgeous but up to 40% lighter than concrete tiles. More often than not, it is challenging for houses to support the weight of the heavy concrete tiles. In fact, many roof repair Morphett Vale and roof repair Brighton projects have been attributed to homes being unable to bear the imposing weight of concrete tiles. In such cases, tile roof restoration should ideally include clay tile roofs

  1. Concrete tiles are susceptible to the growth of mould, mildew and staining

Concrete, by nature, is quite hydrophilic. This means that it inherently has the tendency to absorb moisture and as such, is prone to the growth of mould, mildew, moss, algae and lichen. In addition, it is also prone to staining. This gets even more concerning when you consider that many roof repair Brighton projects in 2019 and 2020 were due to mildew and stains on concrete tile roofs, aggravated due to poor or low-quality surface finish of roof tiles during construction. 

  1. Terracotta acts as an excellent insulating medium

As mentioned in the beginning of this write-up, clay or terracotta tile roofs facilitate the flow of air through the roof structure and can help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer

  1. Terracotta is extremely durable

Although both terracotta and concrete roofs are widely renowned for their long durability, while concrete tile roofs can last up to 40 to 50 years, terracotta tile roofs can last up to a whopping 100 years! So if you want your home to have a roof that lasts for years and years, then look no further than tiled roofs

  1. Concrete is easier on the pocket

Terracotta roof tiles are noted for their supreme finish, long durability and resistance against the elements. As such, terracotta roof tiles are more expensive than their concrete counterpart

So what is concrete tile roof restoration Adelaide all about?

To the onlooker, concrete tile roofs and terracotta tile roofs look almost alike. As such, it is easy to see why concrete tiles are today an extremely popular option to the remarkably beautiful but expensive terracotta tile roofs. 

The ability of concrete roof tiles to mimic terracotta tiles makes it a very popular choice among homeowners and home builders alike. But it doesn’t stop there! Concrete roof tiles can also be designed to look like wooden shingles and stone, thereby justifying the reputation of concrete roof tiles as an affordable, versatile and dependable roofing solution. 

Apart from the reminiscent beauty of terracotta roof tiles and affordability, concrete roof tiles are extremely popular owing to the low maintenance requirements when compared to other roofing solutions. In addition, they also provide good resistance against fire, hailstones, heavy rain and basically, the elements of nature. 

While concrete roofs are not as durable as terracotta roofs, they can still provide many decades of service. Needless to say, concrete roof tiles are ideal for the harsh Australian climate and can offer 50 to 60 years of service with minimal maintenance. 

Now let’s check out the various perks of a tiled roof in general, shall we? 

Top Benefits of Using Tiled Roofs

High durability

Tiles roofs are one of the most durable roofing options other than those typically associated with metal roof restoration services Adelaide. Concrete, for instance, is way stronger than clay. Concrete roof tiles comply with various strength standards during installation and are designed to provide supreme performance that doesn’t wither with time. 

Resistance to corrosion

Being resistant to corrosion makes tiled roofs ideal for the harsh Australian climate. Be it coastal areas or those with heavy rainfall, tiled roofs are ideal for all!

Inherent climate control

Australia has a very dynamic climate. Getting tiled roofs would lead to a uniform temperature distribution within your home. Basically, the temperature adjusts itself and gives a comfortable feeling within the living space.

Resistance to fire

Regardless of whether the roof tiles are made up of terracotta or concrete, they are all resistant to damage from fire. Many parts of Australia are susceptible to bushfires. In such cases, the installation of tiled roofs is a wise decision. 

Resistant to rough weather

If your house is located in a place prone to heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and cyclones, then employing tiled roofs is a good option to consider in order to safeguard your house during such events. 

Compatible with solar power systems

During the day, tiles are capable of storing the incoming heat derived from sunlight. This way, they can keep solar panels performing optimally for longer hours. 


The processes involved in the manufacture of roof tiles are environment friendly in every way. They do not cause any form of depletion in the natural resources and leave no harmful by-products that harm the environment. 

In addition, roof tiles are completely recyclable. Damaged or unusable roof tiles can be pulverised into fine powder material and used all over again for making brand new tiled roofs. 

An impressive warranty of up to 50 years

Tiles are free from any changes of rust, pest infestation, rotting and also decay. Theoretically, tiles can last up to 100 years (particularly clay tiles such as terracotta) even with exposure to the elements. As such, you can avail yourself of up to at least 50 years of the warranty period on tiled roofs. 

Aesthetic appeal

As mentioned previously, concrete tiles can be designed to look just like beautiful terracotta roof tiles. Additionally, any roof tiles come in a wide range of colours and designs that give you several options to choose from. 

Choice of roof restoration experts

Experienced and highly knowledgeable experts from any roof and roof repair company in Adelaide, Brighton or Morphett Vale would agree on the high performance and efficiency of tiled roofs. 

Pro Tip: Get your home a tile roof restoration in and around Adelaide!

You can vouch for the fact that terracotta roof tiles and concrete roof tiles are the supreme roofing solutions for any house in Australia. We all know that Australia has a very unpredictable climate and thunderstorms, cyclones or heavy rainfall can happen out of the blue. Not to mention, the weather tends to get too hot or too cold. 

With the weather-resistant and insulating properties of tiled roofs, they are your best bet at attaining a beautiful roof for your house that also helps in protecting you and your living space from the elements with utmost effectiveness. 

But in order to get tiled roofs for your home, you need the best roofing experts you can find in Australia.  

This is where Top Roof Restoration Adelaide comes into the picture.

Top Roof Restoration Adelaide: Your Go-to Destination for tile roof restoration in and around Adelaide

Top Roof Restoration Adelaide has been at the forefront of providing top-notch roof restoration, roof repair and roofing services to people in and around Adelaide for several years now. We possess a team of Australia’s finest roofing experts who possess the hands-on practical experience and thorough knowledge in all aspects of roof restoration. 

Our services are efficient, hassle-free and very affordable, cementing us as the best roof restoration Adelaide company for all these years. 

At Top Roof Restoration Adelaide, our expertise includes roof repair Brighton, roof repair Morphett Vale and metal roof restoration services Adelaide. 

We will offer a thorough consultation, conducted by our roofing experts who will gauge every aspect of your property and roofing needs. Consequently, they will then offer you a quote. 

Let’s make your roof more beautiful and long-lasting with tiled roofs!

Contact Top Roof Restoration Adelaide today!

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