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5 Signs You Need A New Roof ASAP! (Leading Roof Repair Companies in Prospect Are Using This Guide. So Should You)

Roof Restoration

Top Roof Restoration Adelaide gives you a comprehensive guide to help you take note of such warning signs

The common perception among homeowners is that roofs are inherently built to withstand the elements for a long time. 

Yes, that’s true. There is absolutely no doubt about that whatsoever. 

But what usually escapes our minds is that roofs also experience wear with the passage of time. 

Add to this the fact that we often take out roofs for granted and do not give it the care and maintenance that we do for the rest of the house, and you can see why roof repairs and roof restoration are fairly common in Australia. 

As a premier roof restoration, roof repair and roofing services company in South Australia, Top Roof Restoration Adelaide has been at the forefront of providing reliable and affordable services in and around Adelaide for many years now. 

Our widespread experience includes several projects such as roof repair in Edwardstown and commercial roof repair Brighton. Throughout the course of this experience, we have come across some common reasons that led to instances of roof repair or roof replacement. 

During a roof restoration Prospect project, we saw how ill-maintained roofs can have severe repercussions

One of our recent projects right before the global COVID-19 pandemic struck was a roof restoration Prospect project. 

The owner had a beautiful house in the suburbs of Prospect and our roofing experts at Top Roof Restoration were honestly taken aback when they learned that the owner had hardly ever attended to his roof. 

The roof structure, insulation, gutter system… everything had taken a toll due to lack of maintenance and continual exposure to the elements. 

While we had our task cut out, our experts got to work while some of us had a chat with the homeowner. He admitted to not paying any attention to the roof. But what really alarmed us was that he was completely oblivious to the many signs of roof damage that he had ignored. He could have saved himself from a roof replacement if only he had paid heed to those signs of damage. 

A commercial roof repair Brighton project gave us our money’s worth, quite literally!

We at Top Roof Restoration Adelaide can’t help but highlight another important project of ours which highlights the importance of keeping an eye out for signs of roof damage. 

Our commercial roof repair Brighton project showcased a house wherein the homeowner totally neglected the signs of roof damage. If only she has given some due attention to these signs, she could have easily avoided the roof replacement and saved heaps of money in the process.

It was the roof restoration Prospect and commercial roof repair Brighton experiences that motivated us to write this blog for you. After all, we have all been guilty of not giving enough care and attention to our roof at some point in time, aren’t we? 

Guide to the 5 Warning Signs of Roof Damage from the Masters of the Best Roof Restoration in Marion

  1. Sagging

Watching out for sagging is extremely crucial. Sagging is a clear sign of structural damage which can be due to structural failure of the roof, poor quality of roofing material and improper bracing. 

Sagging is not just bad for the house, it is also a matter of major concern for you and the residents of your house… such structural damage can be dangerous as the roof can potentially collapse under the influence of heavy winds or thunderstorms. 

It is worth noting that sagging involves permanent deformation of your roof’s beams and trusses. We will ensure that your new roof is built from the highest quality of materials and no matter what, your roof would never undergo sagging ever again. 

  1. Damaged flashing

More often than not, due to lack of roof care and maintenance, the flashing in the vicinity of the chimney and other parts of the roof undergo damage such as the development of cracks, becoming loose or even break altogether. Needless to say, this can have severe repercussions that can adversely affect your entire house as a whole. 

You see, roof flashing is instrumental in helping to keep water away from certain parts of your roof. If damaged, the roof flashing wouldn’t be able to do so and water would spill through those previously water-proof areas. 

Most old flashing (such as a recent project of roof repair in Edwardstown) is made up of asphalt or tar. These are today poor choices for roof flashing as they are prone to damage. As such, we at Top Roof Restoration Adelaide make it a point to install metal roof flashing for your house. Rest assured, metal roof flashings are a superior choice and would surely help keep your roof flashing intact for years and years. 

  1. Growth of mould, moss, algae and mildew

Leaving the roof unattended after heavy rains can lead to the growth of moss, algae, mould and mildew on the surface and crevices of the roof. 

While this is natural and not really problematic, such growth can also occur due to damaged gutter systems, broken or cracked roof flashings, cracks on the roof and any form of structural or plumbing damage that causes entrapment of moisture and subsequently, growth of mould and the like. 

Therefore, if you find exaggerated growth of mould or the like on your roof, feel free to reach out to Top Roof Restoration Marion. We will ascertain whether the growth is due to any structural, plumbing or surface damage and consequently, proceed to get our roof restoration experts to go ahead with their excellent workmanship on your roof. 

  1. Leaks or moisture

Undoubtedly one of the most annoying issues a roof can face, roof leaks are really concerning to say the least. 

Leaks aren’t the only problem… If your house has wooden beams, they can end up getting rotten and experience mold growth of mould and the like. Not to mention, it can lead to seepage of water along the walls and into the interiors of your home. 

It goes without saying that water can cause extensive damage to the interiors and the very foundation of your house. Damaged roof gutters cause leakage of water into your home, potentially making its way into the foundation and weakening it. 

However, this can easily be avoided if you check your roof on a regular basis, particularly after a spell of heavy rain. Look for signs such as leaks, damp spots and water trails. If found, get in touch with Top Roof Restoration Adelaide immediately. 

  1. Ageing

By default, roofs are meant to last for years. But down the line, they are bound to show signs of damage. 

Be it the elements, trees, debris or pollution, these are going to have an adverse effect on your roof at some point of time. Damage from these are reflected on your roof in the form of cracked surfaces, broken tiles, shingles, flashings, gutters, walls and growth of mould and the like in areas where they are not supposed to grow. 

If you notice any of these signs on your roof, wait no more and get in touch with our roof restoration and roof repair experts at Top Roof Restoration Adelaide. 

If you notice any signs of damage on your roof, then it is advised to not resort to DIY methods as they might worsen the damage. Instead, get in touch with the experts at Top Roof Restoration Adelaide for the most affordable and efficient roofing solutions. 

Let’s get your roof sorted and retain the beauty of your home!

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