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Embrace tile roof restoration. Say goodbye to costly and meaningless tiled roof repairs Adelaide!

If you are passionate about trying out new and innovative ways to make your house stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood, then plain old shingles are definitely not your thing.Yes, shingle roofs are undoubtedly eye-catching but they simply don’t compare to the beauty and grandeur of a tiled roof! House owners in Australia are really proud of their homes and it is easy to see why! Particularly in Adelaide, we come across some of the best looking houses in the country. 

When it comes to a house, nothing is taken for granted more than the roof. The humble roof occupies almost 50% of your house’s external area and is constantly in exposure to the elements of nature. They give you shelter and protection while bearing the brunt of the weather and the environment alike. However, as mentioned, one doesn’t always undertake maintenance and care of the roof, as much as it should be done. 

This is where the real problems creep in…

The Need for Roof Restoration Adelaide

When your house roof doesn’t receive the maintenance that it requires, roofing issues start to develop which, in due course of time, turn into major roof repair situations. 

The major problem with this is the fact that roof repair Adelaide isn’t exactly pocket-friendly. It’s very tedious and roof repairs of major implications can also lead to the unfortunate requirement of roof replacement altogether!

However, the good news is that the occasion for roof repair Adelaide or worse, roof replacement, can be avoided by proper roof maintenance and care. 

And for that you have Top Roof Restoration Adelaide

Roof Restoration Marion or Adelaide, we have it covered!

Roof Restoration Marion, Adelaide is a premier roof restoration company in Adelaide that offers an unmatched combination of experience and expertise in and around Adelaide. We have established ourselves as the go-to roof restoration, roofing services, and roof repair Adelaide destination through an exemplary track record and superior customer service. 

Even if you are zeroing in on roof repair, don’t worry! We offer the most affordable roof repair Adelaide services for you. 

Throughout the course of our many years of rich experience, we have often come across tiled roof repairs Adelaide. Surprisingly, the main reason behind this is not only limited to lack of care and maintenance. Rather, it can be attributed to the fact that homeowners tend to go for cheap, run-of-the-mill tiling solutions for their roof. 

By doing this, you are more or less ensuring multiple roof repairs or even roof replacement. Keeping this trend in mind, our roofing experts at Top Roof Restoration Adelaide have written this blog to highlight the best types of roof tiles for your home. We offer the best tile roof restoration Adelaide services and this blog is a testament of the same. 

With that being said, let’s check out the 5 best tiles for your tiled roof in and around Adelaide!

1. Slate Roof Tiles 

A natural stone that comes with a vintage and beautiful outlook, this is something straight out of nature! It is strong, durable and resistant to damage from fires. With an almost medieval appearance, they provide a touch of class and uniqueness. 

2. Metal Roof Tiles 

Extremely durable, workable and light in weight, metal roof tiles are quite popular. They come in different styles and patterns to suit your needs. Steel and aluminium are the most common metals used for the same. 

3. Composite Roof Tiles 

These are artificial roof tiles made from a blend of natural and man-made materials. Composite roof tiles can be easily made to mimic any roofing tile and can be coloured to suit your needs. In addition, they are quite light in weight and come with attractive warranty. 

4. Concrete Roof Tiles 

Concrete Roof tiles are common due to their inexpensiveness and toughness. They are designed to look extremely classy and attractive, but are heavy. To manage the weight, roofs with concrete tiles are reinforced conveniently. 

5. Terracotta Roof Tiles 

The use of terracotta roof tiles is almost a legacy in Australia. They add a dash of beauty and tradition to any house and are extremely heat resistant and durable. 

Eager for having tiled roofs for your home?

So are we!

Reach out to our roofing experts at Top Roof Restoration Adelaide and we will offer you a FREE consultation to decide which tile roof material is best for you! And if you have already decided which tile roof material you desire, we are always ready to serve!

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