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Everything You Should Know About Ridge Capping Adelaide

Ridge Capping Adelaide

What is a roof ridge capping?

Understanding what is a ridge cap? Explained by Top Roof Restoration Adelaide!

In the case of a roof, a roof ridge capping is where two sides of a roof converge. A roof ridge capping happens to be a vulnerable part of your roof and must be taken care of at regular intervals of time. In order to prevent heavy damages from taking place, our team of Top Roof Ridge Capping Adelaide will cover the ridge area with shingles.

This is done to prevent water from entering the roof base and your living space altogether. They also help in keeping the roof intact. While roof ridge capping isn’t much talked about, their significance in preventing water damage to the roof and the living space’s ambience maintained throughout the year.

This blog post explores everything you need to know about ridge capping Adelaide and how Top Roof Restoration Adelaide can help!

Let’s go!

The ultimate companion for all your roofing needs – Top Roof Ridge Capping Adelaide!

Pro tip: Inspect your roof ridge capping every six months to prevent any serious damage from happening! Contact Top Roof Restoration Adelaide today!

What does a ridge cap do?

The functions of the ridge cap

  • A roof ridge capping Adelaide installation encourages the adequate circulation of air in the living space. The cap is also involved in regulating the temperature of the living space during hot summer days
  • Roof ridge capping prevents pests and small animals from entering your living space
  • The roof ridge capping enables the house to become more energy efficient with its ability to circulate air without the need for any circulation system. The exchange of natural air on its own significantly reduces the need for turning on air conditioners or air heaters (equipment that utilises electricity to function)
  • Rood ridge capping acts as an extra layer of security as it effectively prevents rainwater and other foreign elements from entering your living space. Due to its umbrella-like shape, a roof ridge capping also secures the roof’s lower part of the structure from getting affected by water

The importance of keeping the roof ridge cap in check

The significance of inspecting roof ridge cap during roof restoration Adelaide

Roof ridge capping Adelaide safeguards the living space throughout the year and doesn’t require special add-ons to enhance its features. This makes the significance of a roof ridge cap much beyond than being a roofing instalment Thus, it is crucial to keep the ridge cap in check and functioning at its best. A broken or damaged ridge cap can be replaced effectively through the re-bedding process. 

The cap is made to lay straight using cement and pointing is used in order to seal gaps present between ridge caps. A special kind of mortar is often used to ensure the sealing is held tight through all seasons.

A roof ridge capping Adelaide inspection by Top Roof Restoration is thorough and performed exclusively for every roof. Be it a terracotta roof restoration or a metal roof restoration Adelaide can absolutely bank upon us!

Regular vs Ridge Cap Shingles

The difference worth knowing!

What are roof shingles? 
Roof shingles are a type of roof covering that consists of several individual overlapping elements. Usually held by roof rafters, roof shingles can be made of metal, wood, flagstone, slate, composite materials, and even plastic. 
Roof restoration

While some roofers may choose to use regular shingles to cover roof ridge capping, there are exclusive ridge cap shingles that are designed specifically for the ridge cap. 

Though the special roof shingles are made of the same material as a ridge cap shingle has been made of, they are usually crafted to be thicker and more durable. This comes handy when the roof shingles are faced with harsh weather conditions. The additional thickness also helps when the roof shingles are subjected to wear and tear due to everyday usage. 

Such specially designed roof shingles are pre-dent and adhere efficiently while protecting the roof’s seam.

Top Roof Restoration Adelaide – The Roof Ridge Capping Adelaide Expert

Focusing on every roof element

While the roof silently protects you and your family year long, it is inevitable that it does need care and repair works to keep protecting you. 

At Top Roof Restoration Adelaide, we understand this and that’s why our range of roof restoration services are so widespread. Be it a regular roof restoration or a metal roof restoration Adelaide task, we always got you covered.

With our top-notch roof ridge capping Adelaide services, rest assured your roof will protect you all year long, absolutely worry-free!

Thinking roof ridge capping Adelaide? Act with Top Roof Restoration Adelaide! Contact us

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