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Your Ultimate Guide to Gutter Repair Adelaide in 2021

gutter repair

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Gutters are one of the most crucial components of your roofing system and sadly, often the most overlooked. After all, they’re so high up and undoubtedly difficult to reach. 

Due to this, gutter repairs tend to be difficult and dangerous without the use of appropriate equipment. And that’s why your typical roof repair Adelaide needs are to be addressed by a professional roof restoration company in Adelaide. 

Any company offering roof repair services Adelaide would be competent and experienced enough to handle any sort of gutter repair tasks by using the correct equipment to ensure safety, efficiency and the highest standards of service.

Your search for such experts should end at Top Roof Restoration Adelaide, a premier roof restoration and roof repair services company that has established nothing less than a legacy for itself in offering superior services to home in and around Adelaide over the course of its many years of rich experience. 

What is the purpose of the gutter system?

The gutter system is intended to channel water away from the roof and house alike. The collection and gradual accumulation of water on the roof can lead to the growth of moss or lichen, clogging of gutter pipes, roof leakages, seepage of water and staining along the outer and inner walls of the house. 

Furthermore, the accumulation of water at the base of your house can trickle below the ground and compromise the strength of the foundation in the long run.

All these just go on to show how critical it is to maintain the roof gutter system. Unfortunately, as mentioned previously, this is not always at the priority list of the homeowner. 

So how do you know that your gutters need repair or immediate attention? Let’s find out!

Typical reasons for gutter repair Adelaide

Gutters tend to get damaged courtesy of the following typical reasons:

  • The years of the load caused by transporting many litres of water
  • Heavy rains and strong winds that cause the guttering to crack, run loose or even break
  • Cold winters and hot summers 
  • Animals building their nest and adding additional dead weight
  • Accumulation of dirt and debris such as leaves, branches or twigs that clog the passages of the guttering

Types of gutters

The classification of gutters is usually done based on the material used. As such, there are 5 main types of gutters used in houses all over Australia:

Aluminium gutters

Known widely for its high strength to weight ratio and low cost, aluminium is a popular choice in almost any application that allows the usage of metals. They are excellent at withstanding the forces of nature, are durable and also ideal for any weather. They can last for decades. 

Steel gutters

These types of gutters are popular for being environment friendly and are quite easy to install and repair. With proper protection against corrosion and the sun’s UV rays, steel gutters can easily last for a decade and a half or more. 

Plastic gutters

Plastic is probably the most common type of guttering used in residential establishments. They are cheap, corrosion-free and super easy to work on and install. 

Copper gutters

Copper gutters are weather-proof, durable and their properties help in the prevention of moss deposition, thereby requiring lesser cleaning and maintenance. They also look amazing, adding to the aesthetic appeal of your house. 

Cast iron gutters

Cast iron offers exceptional durability and functionality to gutters, lasting up to as long as 100 years. They are extremely good at handling the forces of nature and are very versatile.

The types of roof gutters can be also classified as per the shape of the gutter cross-section. These usually include circular or square sections and the choice of which can be established by your roofing professionals. 

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Our roof restoration and roof repair services Adelaide have helped countless people in the city get top-notch roofing services through the years. 

We are eager to get your roofing issues sorted for good! Your roof gutter repair Adelaide needs are in good hands!

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